Month: March 2014

The First Sub-Four Minute Mile (?)


In the spirit of not taking things for granted, it occurred to me that Roger Bannister doesn’t have to be the first human to have run a mile in less than four minutes. This is in no way intended to detract from what he did, especially with the Sixtieth Anniversary of the run coming in May. This is unquestionably a historic achievement and a testament to dedication to your sport, and determination to reach a goal. (more…)


Thoughts on 3-D Printing

3-D Printers are the future. Companies such as Nike are already using them to radically speed-up their prototype phase. Getting new shoes to market, and on the feet of elite athletes, even quicker. In the near future, the possibilities for this kind of rapid prototyping by big companies, and the ability of smaller companies and individuals to be factories in themselves will definitely have a big impact. In the long term, 3-D Printing is seen by many as an important first step toward a ‘Star Trek Economy

Recently though, I was thinking about how 3-D Printing might be compared to its older cousin, traditional 2-D paper printing.